• Jasmina Beneta, painter
    In his work, biblical connotation is unavoidable, whether you find it in the paintings names or in fluttering of colour. It toils through gently, this time just like a thread in a story leaving behind that 'biblical', religious as a main theme by which the author was occupied in his previous work. He bares the theme of woman, kiss and touch through artistic expression which frees itself easily. It frees itself with good prognosis. As on the turning-point, in life and in art, the author protects his complex sensibility occupying himself by asking and searching for his own expression. These questions enforce, not roughly, not the way we used to when young artists are involved, but quietly with warm prints of depth, by strength that arises from within, by fruitful struggle, the way that holds the ground under his feet.  
    in occasion to exhibition Interlacement, Muzgavac Gallery, Split, February 21st – March 1st 2005
  • Sibila Petlevski, writer
    Perković’s struggle with his body endeavours to replace the scene of one who suffer for people crowned by the crown of thorns with the scene of one who rejoice for people ‘crowned by tree top’. The need for tenderness – seemingly only ‘feminine’ need – results in Perković’s pursuit for Anima in the mirror and in tendency of achieving fluency and rhapsody of sweet ‘feminine’ motives.
    from: Crowned by the tree top – short review on Stjepan Perković’s painting sensibility
  • Fra Zoran Livančić
    His encounter of two persons is an idyllic picture, which is included in the complete sense of the existence of Universe. He wants to show that every man's experience in life is full with deep sense and that man is giving his real individuality to this experience. Perković affirms totality of the world living by his paintings and poems as by his life style; he is full of optimism which is irresistible.
    On the occasion of his individual exhibition (In Sarajevo, December  9th, 1999)
  • MA Krešimira Gojanović, painter/graphic artist
    His colors are light and shiny with plenty of whiteness which emerges from cloud texture, waterfalls foam, the bodies of goldfinches and swans, inside seashells - forming gentle cheeks and parts of his figures. The space on his canvases somewhere is like misty floral whirl where various figures can be found; figures inseparably melted with the space itself. It provides them color and light and they project colorful forces of their cores into it, somewhere completely dissolving themselves up until abstract stylizations.  
    From: Visions Of The Inner Garden: Body Of Work Of Stjepan Perković
  • Sonja Jurišić, painter
    The art would not exist, if there were not artists. In the works of Stjepan Perković, we often recognize the parts of body; it is the motive, document about understanding the sense of life, reflexion of the artist's psychic and physical relation towards the human body. Palsy tied Stjepan's body, but it released the pure spirit.
    Stjepan Perković is a painter of a color, color which is open, audible, developed mostly in bright tonalities. Vibration of the color is the thread which gives unity to the playful forms and necessary definition to the dynamics of colorful units. Perković starts from the reflection in the realistic frame, which he abandons often, intuitively entering the states and forms of expressionistic style, the true echo of his artistic sensibility.
    About Stjepan Perković's art